TuneUp Torrent Download [April 2023]

TuneUp Utilities Overview

TuneUp Utilities is a utility for improving the overall performance of your PC or laptop, as well as for its periodic maintenance and cleaning. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for configuring and optimizing all operating system settings.

Despite the fact that the program was released quite a long time ago, its functions are still used by Windows PC owners to this day. The structure of TuneUp Utilities interface is as simple as possible, which makes it possible for any category of users to use the cleaning and tuning tools.

The start window of the program contains general information about the state of the device. There is also an option to start scanning and quickly switch between power saving and high performance modes.

In order to reduce the load on the device resources, the “Optimization” tab is designed. This tab provides functionality to intelligently configure the automatic launch and uninstall applications. Moreover, you can clean and defragment the registry / hard drives, which will also increase the speed of your PC.

For complete cleaning of garbage, residual files, system cache and non-working shortcuts, the “Clean” tab is used. After performing an initial analysis of your computer, the software product will display general information about your system’s cleanup potential in megabytes.

Faced with glitches in your files, working programs or games? The troubleshooter toolkit is used to test and diagnose errors. Troubleshoot typical Windows errors, check the health of your hard drives, and get detailed information about your system and running processes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Set up scheduled cleanup and maintenance at specified times;
  • Garbage removal and registry cleaning;
  • Defragmentation of hard drives and the system registry;
  • Checking the efficiency of your PC under load;
  • Quick access to personalization settings and other corners of the OS;
  • Built-in tool for recovering deleted files;
  • Quickly change computer’s operating modes (energy-saving, optimal, enhanced performance);
  • Enable/disable auto-start of selected programs;
  • Check the state of your hard drive with S.M.A.R.T. technology;
  • Deletion of cache files, bad shortcuts;
  • Tools for searching for repeated files;
  • Fix common Windows issues and bugs in a few clicks.

TuneUp Utilities with key has fully unlocked functionality. Everyone will be able to activate the program with the files attached in the archive. Download TuneUp Utilities and start diagnosing, configuring and optimizing your PC for all parameters after the description.

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