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Omnisphere is a synthesizer based on samples from classic instruments such as the Korg Wavestation and the Roland D50. By combining the structure of a virtual analog synthesizer with modern processing tools and a library of samples, one of the most versatile instruments of our time has been created. The VST plug-in includes a 64 GB sample library, and the presets are organized as over 14,000 presets. Thus, the VST plugin takes up a lot of disk space, and downloading it can be a nightmare. On the other hand, it opens up limitless possibilities, being one of the best-sounding virtual equivalents of not only electronic instruments but real ones as well. It can be used for just about anything, and its ability to generate dense background sounds can be emphasized with an emphasis on exceptional performance.

One of the most interesting features of the tool is the ability to use hardware profiles; basically, we’re talking about MIDI mapping, which allows you to control the software from the synthesizer level. We have over 60 synth cards that we can use as controllers, without having to program dependencies – use the Link Omnisphere GUI option in this regard.

An interesting addition to the latest version of Omnisphere is the arpeggiator, more advanced than it first appears. Especially interesting is the presence of the Step Modifiers option. Each step of the arpeggiator can be assigned to change selected parameters, including triggering chords, replaying steps, applying smooth transitions, or even changing the main arpeggiator setting. The Groove Lock tool is also useful in allowing you to import MIDI clips.

As of version 2, the user has the ability to import audio files to use as fuel for the sound engines. However, they cannot be processed in the same way as samplers, and hence they cannot be looped. If you want to loop a sample yourself, you need to insert loop markers in an external audio editor, such as Sound Forge or WaveLab.

The splendor of the Omnisphere library is impressive, but at the same time, finding something special in it can be time-consuming. For this reason, it is worth using the Sound Match tool, which automatically recommends sounds similar to the one you have just selected. This is ideal for ambient pads, for example. We also recommend Sound Lock, which allows you to change presets while maintaining current parameters such as arpeggiator pattern and modulation switching.


The Omnisphere is a synthesizer with impressive capabilities and an equally impressive sound. As you can see, a lot of time, effort and effort has gone into creating this VST plug-in. From the very first moments of working with this virtual machine, you get the impression that this is a tool designed to “work”. It’s not a sound toy or a homemade constructor. The Omnisphere is a purpose-built professional machine for professionals who enjoy the comfort of working and want first-class instruments at their fingertips. With the Omnisphere you don’t waste precious time wandering around the screen with the mouse and pressing unnecessary buttons. It’s the same with sound. The Omnisphere sound is very appealing when listening on studio monitors.

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