Kaspersky Free Offline Installer [April 2023]

Kaspersky Antivirus Free (formerly Kaspersky 365, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free) is a free real-time antivirus and web protection with cloud technology.

This antivirus solution includes all the components you need to provide basic protection for your computer, important data and online activity from the latest threats.

Comparison of Versions

Comparison of features and functions of Kaspersky Free antivirus with paid solutions Kaspersky for Windows: Standard, Plus and Premium.

Functions / VersionsFreestandardPlusPremium
File Anti-Virus
Web Anti-Virus
IM Antivirus
Mail antivirus
Screen keyboard
Kaspersky Security Network
Kaspersky Secure Connection*
Protection against network attacks
Activity monitoring
Network monitoring
Internet management
Application Control (HIPS)
OS change control
Webcam access
Data collection protection
Secure payments
Secure data entry
Trusted Applications Mode
Software update
Uninstalling programs
Parental control
Virtual safes
Password Manager
Improved privacy protection
Premium Services

Main Features of Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus

File Antivirus

Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus file antivirus helps you prevent infections in the computer file system. The component starts on operating system startup, is located in the main memory of your computer and checks all opened, saved and executed files on your computer and all connected disks.

Mail Antivirus

Mail Antivirus checks incoming and outgoing mail on your computer. A message will only be available to the recipient if it does not contain any dangerous objects.

Web Antivirus

WebAntivirus intercepts and blocks the execution of scripts located on web sites if the scripts pose a threat to the security of your computer. WebAntivirus in Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus also monitors all web traffic and blocks access to dangerous websites.


IM-Antivirus provides security for working with IM-clients. The component protects information coming to your computer via IM client protocols. IM-Antivirus provides secure work with many instant messaging programs.

Secure connection

Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN client, which is installed together with the anti-virus, is designed for secure connection. The application protects your data when you work in public Wi-Fi networks, provides anonymity on the Internet and allows you to visit blocked sites.

  • The Kaspersky Secure Connection component has a traffic limit of 200 MB per day. This restriction can be removed and the possibility to choose VPN servers is available with an additional subscription.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network

Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus uses protection from the cloud to maximize the protection of your computer. Protection from the cloud is implemented using the Kaspersky Security Network infrastructure which uses data received from users all over the world.

Benefits of Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus

From Eugene Kaspersky (founder of Kaspersky Lab):

Kaspersky Free runs on the same technology as our paid personal products, and its reliability is eloquently proven by independent tests. It’s the same protection without compromise. And without all the bullshit like tracking the user for advertising purposes and trading his privacy – which free software usually suffers from to feed its creators.

The main difference between the free version and paid Kaspersky Lab products is limited functionality. But limited enough to provide good basic protection against the most common threats.

Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus will be available only in Russian language and only for users from Russia and Ukraine. Based on the results, we will gradually expand to other languages, countries and regions, and in the future to a global level.

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