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EDIUS X Overview

EDIUS X is the newest version of Grass Valley’s flagship nonlinear editing software for Windows platforms. EDIUS X still retains all the features that it has been loved by users for 17 years, including free updates throughout the product lifecycle (about 3 years), the “once bought and forever” distribution model and, of course, its powerful video editing capabilities. EDIUS editing software is well respected by news agencies, government agencies, film and TV editors, and independent professionals.


EDIUS X marks the beginning of a new era in non-linear editing. EDIUS X comes with a completely redesigned core and a modular concept that provides even greater performance for workflows. For nearly two decades, the hallmark of EDIUS has been its stability, performance and creative capabilities. EDIUS is used throughout the industry, from broadcasters and news organizations to government agencies, corporate productions, independent filmmakers, video creators and just the general public.

EDIUS X’s new modular design allows Grass Valley to continuously update and improve EDIUS X feature set and workflow. This allows it to meet the evolving needs of its users and incorporate new technologies and web services into the software, such as machine learning. All EDIUS 10. x updates will be available free of charge for a product lifecycle of approximately two to three years.


Clicking on the link will take you to the official EDIUS YouTube channel, where the corresponding feature will be visually demonstrated. All the links are linked with the proper timecode and the video has Russian subtitles.

  • Background rendering: In EDIUS X, you do not have to interrupt the editing process for rendering. The workflow becomes smooth and nothing will distract you from editing.
  • Background Export: Similar to rendering, you no longer need to interrupt the editing process to export your project.
  • GV Job Monitor: EDIUS X will keep you informed of background activity, and let you prioritize your processes.
  • VST Plug-In support: EDIUS X supports VST plug-ins extensively. This includes support for delay management plug-ins along with WaveShell integration.
  • Motion Tracking (Tracking Mode): EDIUS X will allow you to easily attach a label, animation or video to a tracked object.
  • Motion tracking (Anchor modes): Set up automatic frame changes relative to the tracked object. This is great for image format conversion and virtual multi-camera shots.
  • H.265 Export: EDIUS X speeds up exporting and rendering projects by leveraging the NVIDIA GPU. Also, enabling the GPU will affect the background rendering feature.
  • Redesigned interface: EDIUS X has a more modern graphical interface in darker colors. This makes editing even more comfortable with a cool new look.
  • Draft Mode: EDIUS X now features Draft Preview mode, so you can playback as many tracks as you want in real time.
  • 8K Support: EDIUS X Workgroup supports working and exporting files in 8K resolution.
  • Optimized for Windows: EDIUS X is all about performance and robust design. EDIUS X is fully compatible with Windows 10 and makes optimal use of advanced technology. This includes hardware acceleration provided by Intel QuickSync as well as extensive graphics processor support. The new modular design allows you to use the potential of multicore processors more efficiently than ever before.
  • Optimized multicam audio sync engine: EDIUS X provides even faster automatic audio sync to align as many clips as your multicam project requires.
  • Native support for the latest camera and codec formats: EDIUS X natively supports the latest codecs and camera formats. No need to re-encode your material, start editing right away!
  • The advanced SDK makes EDIUS 10. x the ideal NLE for integrating third-party solutions, allowing you to expand your capabilities even further.
  • Ongoing product support through updates: EDIUS X will continue to expand functionality throughout the product lifecycle with free updates, offering even more creative options.


EDIUS X comes with three powerful modules for sound optimization, title creation, and video effects. All modules are designed exclusively for EDIUS X.

  • Audio optimization: EDIUS X includes professional audio filters developed by Acon Digital specifically for EDIUS: Compress EE, DeNoise EE, DeVerberate EE and Limit EE. These powerful audio filters are extremely useful and will be suitable for almost any situation where you need to make sound corrections in a video clip.
  • Professional titles: EDIUS X comes with the NewBlue Titler Pro 7 titling plugin. Titler Pro 7 offers new processing and design features to create professional titles, animated graphics, running and bottom third titles.
  • Create beautiful video effects & cool transitions: EDIUS X includes proDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition, which offers more than 100 spectacular transitions. All presets can be customized and adapted to the user’s individual project. Smooth transitions are also great for animating headlines and graphics. In addition, proDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition includes over 250 excellent Vitascene 3 LE filters and transitions.

The modules are priced at $600 USD (regular price). You will get these great tools free with EDIUS X.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: What will be added to the EDIUS 10. x versions with the updates?

In upcoming releases of EDIUS 10. x, the development team will continually update and improve EDIUS X, adding new features with each free update over the life of the software. Since EDIUS X is a milestone and the first release of the latest generation of NLE Grass Valley, users can expect not only new features, but also expanded new workflow features, including

  • Collaborative editing, including collaborative work on content and projects.
  • Cloud-based workflow capabilities.
  • Intelligent metadata processing for optimal media asset management.
  • Auto-diagnostics and mass optimization of audio and video clips.
  • Improved SDK and Rest-API.

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