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OBS Open Broadcaster Overview

The main features of the OBS Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS Studio, are used to record and save streaming video to your computer and broadcast online. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Versions are available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. This application supports many popular streaming services: CyberGame, Youtube, Daily Motion, Cash Play, Hitbox, Twitch and many others.

What’s is it?

OBS is an open-source software. Any user can download OBS Studio for free and use the program without any restrictions. The user-friendly software has a simple interface and clear control principles. The program is available in Russian, so it is easy to understand it from the first start. Handy configurator allows you to set hotkeys for each action and even turn on the screen recording timer. Beginners can download a free Russian version of OBS Studio and run the automatic configuration. This feature itself will find the best settings for your PC.

Recording from Multiple Sources The program offers several ways to record video at once. To save a transmission from the Internet or IPTV, connect it to your PC, download OBS for free and start capturing. Capture monitor or browser actions on video, record audio streams, connect monitors and devices via HDMI and pull the stream from the network. You can embed images and text right during video recording. Integration with other services Video content creators can download OBS for streaming and simplify their daily routine by creating broadcasts for all popular platforms.

The program integrates with your YouTube account, Twitch, Facebook Live, Twitter, GameTips, and supports many other services. Experienced users can set up streaming on different platforms by specifying the server and the stream key. Studio Mode Want to combine video from multiple sources into a single picture? To do this, download OBS, install it on your PC and run Studio mode. Here you can connect different streamers, sites and browsers, overlay images, embed transitions in the video and track all changes in the preview window. The flexible interface allows you to customize the control for you, add and remove individual windows.

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