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Guitar Pro has been a reliable assistant for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians for many years. Guitar Pro 6 is the top of the evolution of the Arobas Music product. This version takes into account all the shortcomings of previous versions and adds a lot of new useful functions.

Actually Guitar Pro 6 program is a powerful midi editor intended first of all for guitarists and bassists. It is used mainly as a tablature builder, with a parallel record in sheet music. The program allows you to create, edit, and play full, multi-track works with parts of string, keyboard, wind, and percussion instruments, with recording of vocal parts, lyrics, and composition data. In addition, there are many other functions that are useful in music practice: tuner, metronome, chord builder and identifier, scale builder, and many others.

The first thing you can pay attention to when working with the ready tablatures is a realistic sound when playing the scores. The RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) technology provides a sound that really resembles the sound of real instruments (with some reservations, of course). Plus, there are plenty of sound settings! You can select guitar models, amps, boosts, and various studio effects. And you can change the settings on each element of the sound chain, achieving a wide variety of sound variations.

The tracks control panel is located at the bottom of the screen, here you can choose which tracks will sound and which will not. There are also sliders and knobs that allow you to adjust the volume, timbre and balance (both one track and all tracks simultaneously), which allows you to master.

As for recording your own tablature – everything is designed and composed here so that the work was the most productive and comfortable. All buttons necessary for work with sheet music and tablatures are conveniently grouped and located on the left side of the screen.

The number of available score design options covers the needs of most musicians:

  • the ability to change the key, the installation of accidentals with the key;
  • – reprises, 2-fold and 3-fold repetition (separate buttons);
  • – selection of durations of pauses and notes, dot, double dot, league, format;
  • – triplets;
  • – smooth increase or decrease in volume or tempo;
  • – slides, vibrato, tremolo lever, braces, mute notes;
  • – designation of slap and tapping (indicating the involved fingers);
  • – indication of the direction of passage along the strings and the direction of the stroke (strike with a plectrum);
  • – grace notes, trills, gruppetto;
  • – division of compositions into sections using bookmarks;
  • – barre designation;
  • – inserting chords (from the finished catalogue);
  • – display of rhythmic pattern;
  • – automatic placement and flip of note flags;
  • – insert text;
  • – timer. maximum performance and comfort. All the buttons necessary for working with the stave and tablature are conveniently grouped and located on the left side of the screen.

Given the tremendous possibilities of composition design, Guitar Pro 6 can be useful not only to guitarists, but also to other musicians.

The program also has additional features that help the musician in the difficult task of mastering the theory of music or just to help in parsing and learning the compositions. For example, the Chord Builder with which you can see the location of notes on the fingerboard and listen to their sound, helps you to understand the variety of different chords.

Guitar Pro 6 can help you learn scales – for all of the existing options, you can view a graphic representation of the scale, indicating step intervals and the ability to sound out the scale.

When honing the rhythm and accuracy of the performance will be very useful metronome, speed trainer, the ability to include a countdown and looping the selected section of the score. All these functions are activated by the buttons located on the playback control panel. Adds comfort and the ability to display a virtual fingerboard or keyboard. A handy tuner will help you fine-tune your instrument.

Guitar Pro 5.2 – This is the brand new Absolute 5th version of the most important assistant for composers and novice musicians! Everyone who ever used Guitar Pro 5 and later switched to Guitar Pro 6 preferred over time Guitar Pro 5 as if alone because of its simplicity and clickability, but do not forget everyone has their own preferences, and yet worth downloading and trying to work in Guitar Pro 5.

The new version of Guitar Pro 5 has the RSE function, which gives you an outstanding sound for this kind of program. In older versions the user could only listen to midi (MIDI) sound. In this news, presenting an Absolute Russian version of Guitar Pro 5.2, which does not ask for ATV and the key, which is the same thing =). Let’s so Guitar Pro 5 program for connoisseurs of their time and effort, yet with it the creativity becomes much more entertaining! Guitar Pro 5 This note editor, download note editor, download darmo note editor darmo, darmo note editor. and screen.

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