Download Ezdrummer Full Version Gratis [April 2023]

Has Toontrack improved its popular EZdrummer 2 software without compromising its fundamental “easy” approach? It’s easy to check, you need to download EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian.

Some of the Sound On Sound staff, myself included, are regular users of Toontrack’s EZdrummer 2, mainly because it does just about everything you could possibly need without the complexity of Toontrack’s flagship Superior Drummer.

For those not familiar with EZdrummer, I recommend downloading the EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian for windows 7/10 – it’s a comprehensive percussion plugin that supports all common Mac and Windows formats (and also uses offline mode), using carefully recorded multisampled drums that can be played from the keyboard, MIDI drum kit or from an included MIDI loops and fills library.

Its graphical interface is based on a graphical representation of the drum set, mixer and the aforementioned library of MIDI loops. The prefix “EZ” (in English “easy”) shows a simplified user interface whose learning curve is so flat that you can “climb” it in your house slippers))

What’s new?

When we learned that Toontrack was going to “rework” the software and add new features, we were a little nervous that the changes might compromise the “easy” aspect of the software, but we downloaded the EZdrummer 2 torrent nonetheless.

Fortunately, despite the added functionality, the downloaded EZdrummer 2 is still “light” – and if you just want to keep using it the same way as before, you can get right to work and then explore the new elements at your leisure.

EZdrummer 2 costs £99, and the upgrade price for existing EZdrummer users is £57. In addition, anyone who bought EZdrummer after March 13, 2014 gets a free update (download only) added to their account. And here you can download EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian for windows 7/10.

The original EZdrummer will only remain on sale until all copies are sold out in stores.

EZdrummer 2 retains the basic structure of the original and extends it, although some parts of the GUI are inferior to what I call Apple-itis. In other words, they present gray text against a different shade of gray, making it difficult to read in less than optimal lighting conditions.

Since the launch of EZdrummer in 2006, additional EZX drum kits have been regularly available for purchase as add-ons, but while the kits can include several different types of drums, cymbals and percussion, there was no way to assemble your own kit by combining elements from different drum kits.

This limitation, fortunately, no longer exists in version 2. Incidentally, if you take a snare drum from a different kit, the overhead mic component reflects this, so you don’t get into the compromising situation where the near-mic sound changes but the overhead sound stays the same – a common problem with regular drum swaps.

In addition to the ability to combine elements from different sets, listening to instruments in the previously installed EZX extension library (which are now 16-bit files instead of 18-bit) has been simplified, and the rewritten audio engine provides noticeably faster set loading times and real-time sampling rate conversion to match your session. In short, everyone download the EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian for windows.

Other improvements have to do with how fast sequential hits behave — often related to volume fill — and improved compatibility with third-party MIDI drum kits. These “machine compartment” improvements occur behind the scenes and do not require user input.

Apparently, the designers considered using 24-bit libraries, but found no advantage over 18-bit samples, which are limited by natural noise levels. This saves a lot of RAM space without affecting sound quality.

Although the operating paradigm remains largely unchanged, the MIDI loop browser has been carefully indexed with metadata to allow the user to identify loops that are similar to the style currently selected, or even to the rhythm being pressed with the mouse or MIDI keyboard.

Repro 5 VST v1.1.6794
There’s also a new song “track” area where you can combine loops to create a complete song arrangement before exporting it to the DAW, although as before you can still drag and drop MIDI loops directly into the DAW if you prefer to work that way.

One of the advantages of combining your drum parts in the “EZdrummer 2 Song Creator” window is that you can now mix and match elements from different MIDI loops: you can, for example, choose a snare beat from one loop and a hi-hat from another.

Past and Present

EZdrummer 2 comes with two new drum libraries, called Vintage and Modern, which include drums from five complete sets plus a few additional instruments.

The Modern library includes drums from DW, Gretsch, Yamaha, Ludwig, Sonor, Tama and Brady, all recorded on Neve 88R and EMI TG12345 consoles, plus various vintage and modern outboards. The Vintage library is based on two classic Ludwig sets recorded on a rare EMI REDD 5.1 mixer.

I attended the pre-launch press conference at British Grove, where the samples were originally recorded. The sampling set was compared to the original set, compiled in exactly the same way as for the sampling sessions and there were virtually no differences, except perhaps the beat in the sample sounding tighter.

As before, you can click on any drum in the kit to hear it or use the drop-down menu above the drum to select alternate sounds and the same menus can now be used to navigate to components in another extension.

The request that the MIDI note (or notes) assigned to the drum also be displayed when you click on the drum has not yet been added, although Toontrack engineers have not ruled it out for a future update, they are usually very responsive to user suggestions.

There are other ways to display the drum set when looking along with the keyboard view, but seeing the corresponding note or notes right above the drum can make life a lot easier.

New to the drum part drop-down menus are speed and tuning controls for the corresponding drums and cymbals, as well as an area where you can click to play all the different velocity articulations.

A main menu button gives you access to MIDI settings and a user guide, as well as display settings for popular electronic drum sets, including Roland V-Drums.

Toontrack also adds effect chains and a set of percussion instruments that can be added to the main set – although I’m still waiting for rototums! If you already have the original EZdrummer, its included kits also appear in EZdrummer 2, as do any existing EZX extension kits.

Types of Drum

The main screen of EZdrummer 2 can be switched to display four different views using tabs labeled Drums, Browser, Search and Mixer, and the song-track, where you can collect your own song snippets, is always visible at the bottom of the screen.

It’s very similar to a typical DAW track (and to Toontrack EZKeys’ own keys), with measure/beat markers, transport-controls controls, and the ability to set loop loops. You can set your own tempo or press the “Follow Host” button. There’s also a general level slider and a couple of undo/redo buttons, as well as an operations menu.

On the right side of the screen are small percussion boxes into which you can add things like bells, claps, shakers, and tambourines. The complexity of the added part when using library loops is controlled by the Amount knob in the Edit Play Style window, and alternate percussion sounds can be selected using the small drop-down menu associated with each instrument icon. There are also speed-dependent articulations for shakers and tambourines.

According to the designers, the drum pads are “a little special” when it comes to how they work with MIDI. The “One Shots” pad is on a MIDI 1 note (lower C#) and can be played normally, but because of the nature of instruments like tambourines and shakers, where the “hit” transient is preceded by a “build-” up, it sounds a little difficult to program them manually to sound natural, so EZdrummer 2 includes some pre-programmed MIDI loops that take this into account.

It’s time for what Toontrack calls Future Hit Technology, which uses Note On messages to trigger the sound before the beat and Note Off to time the actual beat. Apparently, this method is also used in the Roots Brushes SDX kit.

Force Download

EZdrummer kits and expanders have always come with a library of MIDI loops and fills, but parts of the browser have undergone significant changes. The Groove library will look familiar to existing EZdrummer users with categories of styles, time signatures, intros, fills, and so on.

There are also style filters that allow you to browse loops by genre, which is important considering there may be tens of thousands of MIDI loops out there if you have all the extension kits installed. It’s also important to note that some loops are multiple measure long and therefore change more realistically than loops that use the same measure or two over and over again.

The Search tab brings up one of the new features I mentioned earlier: Tap2Find allows you to click on the drums using the MIDI keyboard or by clicking on the drum in the Kit window. You can create your pattern in layers, including adding an open or closed hi-hat and everything will be neatly defined.

After you download the EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian for windows, EZdrummer 2 will highlight all the libraries that are somewhat similar, in order of how they match. This part of the program works very well and even where its choices may not be exactly what you’re looking for, they’re often close enough to edit. Custom loop loops or edited library loops can be saved in the user area for future use. EZDrummer 2 download torrent.

A track track track is essentially a drag-and-drop area into which you can link MIDI loops and fills to form a complete song arrangement, all thanks to the program’s ability to suggest compatible grooves that match those already selected. Clicking the Song-creator button opens another section above the track track with a slot into which you can drag any of the loops in the library to suggest similar loops.

They are all displayed below with a corresponding value: the higher the number, the better the match. Loops can be shortened, copied and moved to leave spaces if necessary, but they do not have a piano-roll editor, so you need to do more and more operations in your DAW.

However, you can select and delete parts of a set from the Loop, and then copy the selected parts from other loops in the Browser to create new “hybrid” loops. The material collected here can be played at the tempo and position of the host song, or at a user-selected tempo.

There are also song arrangement templates that can help speed up the songwriting process, so if you need a 12-bar blues backing track, you’ll find it there.

Power Hand.

Of course, prefabricated loops are sometimes too slow, so Toontrack has added controls that allow you to change the intuitive way loops are played, and since loops are individual beats controlled by MIDI, there can be no compromise in sound quality no matter how fast or slow they are played.

In fact, EZDrummer 2 applies them proportionally to different sources, so you’ll generally get what you wanted without having to go into too much detail. There are several new features that allow you to interact with grooves, such as the Power Hand.

Click on a groove in a track and a window opens where you can drag the Power Hand pointer to any percussion component to change the lead instrument for that groove. For example, you can change a cymbal to a hi-hat or even a floor tom. By clicking the menu arrow on the right side of the Power Hand icon, you can select all possible articulation options for the selected instrument.

The drum elements can be turned on or off and, like other drums, also respond to changes in the Amount and Velocity controls available on this page. You can also specify what type of cymbal kick the loop should enter, but if you don’t need it, you can turn it off by clicking the orange “power button” on the “Opening Hit” sign.

All of these settings remain specific to the loop you’re editing, so you can create a nice layout by using the same loop multiple times, but making it livelier and louder each time.

You can use the Amount control to simplify loops by removing beats that a real drummer would not consider, and this works for each drum rather than by handling the loop as a whole. This means that you can, for example, simplify just the ryde pattern or the added percussion without changing the rest of the loop, if that’s all that’s needed.

Conversely, you can go in the opposite direction and make the loop add parts that weren’t originally included, again guided by an algorithm that mimics what a real drummer would do.

There is also the ability to adjust the speed of both the individual drums and the entire set, also with the artificial intelligence of the drummer to make it sound real. Then there is the aforementioned ability to combine parts from different loops, which is a great way to get many more variations from your already impressive collection of loops.

When you’re done setting up your downloaded EZDrummer 2 in Russian via torrent, you can save the result as a custom loop and drag and drop the entire song part you created onto your DAW track in MIDI format, or pre-render it as audio if you want to.

MIDI track data is updated as you edit, so if you drag and drop loops or songs into your DAW without pre-rendering, you still get the benefit of any changes you make.


Like the original, EZdrummer 2 can work as a simple stereo output device, or you can call up individual outputs to allow processing through other plug-ins. With a built-in mixer, the former is often all you need.

The ability to adjust both close and remote mics in the mixer has always allowed the user a wide range of control over how EZdrummer sets actually sound, but in version 2 this has been extended by the use of processing presets based on the algorithms used in the Toontrack EZmix 2 software, whose chains can include things like compressors, reverbs, delays and EQ.

Depending on which preset you choose, the same set can sound very different, as presets also include different drum fade times. There is also pitch control for drums and cymbals, as well as a variable mic.

Now that there are multiple preset versions of each kit, each with different types of processing, the exact number of mixers and effects processor types often change when you change presets, but a typical layout might include close mics for all drums with a separate mic under the snare, overhead mics, room mics, percussion elements and sometimes compression mics or parallel compression channels.

Vintage-style kits usually have fewer mics to reflect how drums were recorded at “that time.” Despite this, the processors have very few controls (usually only one or two), so they are very easy to use. Overall, the basic libraries of EZdrummer 2 include 29 different user-controlled effect chain presets.


Having a track button at the bottom of each window gives the program a slightly different look, and the new drum sets also have an updated visual style, but if you want to start where you left off in EZdrummer, you can safely work the same way, there are no new features confusing you in version 2. Download EZdrummer 2 torrent for free in Russian for windows 7/10.

Another big bonus, at least for me, is that the Roland drum mapping now allows my V-Drum hi-hat to get great results with EZdrummer 2 and while all the finer nuances of the hi-hat seem ignored, at least the opening, closing and pedal modes now translate correctly.

As for the sound, I have to say that the two new sets sound excellent, with plenty of snares and cymbals articulation to make it sound natural. The ability to add percussion is useful, and the ability to mix and match elements from different sets is also important.

It’s also good to see set presets based on both different mixer and processor settings, as it really opens up the range of sounds you can get from one set. Likewise, the work of categorizing all the loops in the loop browser must have put a lot of stress on someone, but it paid off by making it much easier to find loops that will work together in the same song.

The ability to play a beat and then have the browser find a match to what you were playing is also a clever innovation that really works.

The idea of instruments that can intelligently adjust the complexity of drum parts isn’t exactly new, but Toontrack’s implementation of it works musically authentically, as does Power Hand, which allows you to change what Toontrack calls the “lead” instrument — usually a hi-hat or rider.

The way they were based on the existing EZdrummer paradigm makes it easy to switch, although there are still a few small improvements in future versions. I’ve already mentioned that when I press the drum to hear it, I’d also like it to display the MIDI notes assigned to trigger it and I’ve also hinted that I’d like to see a set of rototones added to it in the percussion section.

It might also be useful to have a sub-oscillator fader in each mixer with pitch and fade adjustments for supporting kick drums, but that would really be the icing on the cake.

The new features are really useful, not only because of the expanded range of sounds, but also because of the realistic sounding drum parts. It’s a credit to Toontrack that they introduced such a massive update without any improvements contradicting the existing EZdrummer way of working.

All in all, the affordability of the EZdrummer 2 and its amazingly “real” sound quality make it a surprisingly effective alternative to creating an original drum kit, which is always a compromise in small home studios.

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