Auto Tuner Torrent Free Download [April 2023]

Antares Auto-Tune, a well-known plug-in that is mainly used for correcting vocal intonation, has been around for more than 20 years. The ninth version of the program, following Auto-Tune 8, is now called Auto-Tune Pro and looks with a completely redesigned graphical interface in a stylish black color.

Antares Auto-Tune is a program that is mainly used to correct the intonation of monophonic voices and instruments. Tones that deviate from the “ideal line” are shifted to the next level of the adjustable tone scale, which is very similar to the principle of chrono quantization, except that here the pitch is quantized. How intensely the plug-in should “grab” can be set using various parameters, allowing both subtle and very abrupt interference with the tonal process. The plugin is probably used by most users to correct pitch (and creative alienation) in real time, but graphic post-processing is also offered, which also allows you to correct timing.
What’s new in the GUI!

After all the previous versions of Auto-Tune have evolved with respect to the graphical user interface, we are now faced with an entirely new design, both in terms of color design and in terms of the layout of the controls. Personally, I don’t see any advantages or disadvantages, because the parameterization is still very clear. Only the “Tracking” slider, which is largely responsible for the intensity of the intonation correction and which I often use, now seems a bit pointless in terms of size and layout. The clear main view in the automatic mode of the new GUI.

The new Auto-Tune Pro now also supports ARA. The ARA standard has been the focus of many DAW users since the last update to Apple Logic Pro X 10.4. ARA improves the integration of various plug-ins into compatible host programs, for example by making real-time transfer processes (reading Auto-Tune into a plug-in) unnecessary, and plug-in edits are automatically transferred to copied audio areas. However, the capabilities of the current version are limited to reading and copying when using the plug-in’s graphics mode. There is currently no compatibility with the new ARA2 standard, which Logic Pro X already offers.

One of the “innovations” of Auto-Tune Pro is a return to the old values. The behavior correction and related sound in Auto-Tune 5 is now available again in the so-called “classic mode” as an alternative to the achievements of the latest updates. Apparently it has been missing! As a user of Auto-Tune from the beginning it is difficult for me to put into words exactly what the tonal difference is. In terms of feeling, I always found the old algorithm a bit more effective and useful for more modern pop music.

Last but not least, the new version of Auto-Tune offers enhanced control options via MIDI, as parameters relating to correction and alienation can be controlled in real time via the controller, greatly increasing the performance and enjoyment of tuning.

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